🏋️‍♂️ 1 mental hack proven to help you lift more


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Here’s what’s going on today:

  • Use the power of your mind to lift more weights

  • How to light up your upper body with battle ropes

  • Chris Bumstead’s chest and back routine

Fitness Hack

The Power of the Mind

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Credit: @NHL / Giphy

Much like how Steve Urkel was able to fight the forces of evil with his mind, you, too, can harness your brainpower to exact vengeance upon the weight room (or at least lift more weight). That’s because, according to science, hyping yourself up before performing resistance training movements actually works. 

This comes from a 2022 study, “The Effects of Psyching-Up on Maximal Force Production: A Systematic Review,” which examined several studies on how certain mental techniques can influence gym performance.

According to the research, getting hyped up for a lift can be as simple as a little motivational self-talk, watching a workout montage, or listening to the right tunes. (We strongly urge a heaping helping of Motorhead.) Ready to get hyped? Check out how you can harness your mind instead of wasting it.

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Exercise Tips

Time to Battle It Out

Credit: Jacob Lund/Shutterstock

Battle ropes have been a hot commodity in gyms across the country for several years now, but they sometimes just lie in a clump in a corner for fear of doing something wrong with them and looking stupid.

Luckily, these battle rope workouts will make you look like a stud (and bring up your cardio and shoulders … whatever). Remember how cool that Russian dude looked in Creed 2 doing battle rope burpees? That could be you! (Let us vent for a second: His story was the actual hero’s journey in the movie, fighting rich, pop-star-dating Donnie …. again, whatever). 

Slamming some ropes up and down off the gym floor can be a bit of visceral fun; just make sure you follow our guide below to get something else out of it. Take some time to learn the intricacies of throwing ropes up, down, left, right, and in loops, and get some bad-ass work done.


Train Like a Bum

Credit: Chris Bumstead / YouTube

One of the most famous bodybuilders since Arnold (with a physique constantly compared to the Austrian Oak), Chris Bumstead has reached levels of aesthetic perfection that few others have ever achieved. In the article below, Bumstead walks you through one of the high-volume back and chest sessions that helped build his famous look.

Prioritizing strength, Bumstead uses a series of big compound movements to work his muscles rather than hitting his back and chest in isolation. While Bumstead has superb conditioning and mind-muscle connection, his workout contains familiar staples you can incorporate into your workouts without needing a pass to a specialized gym.

If it’s good enough for CBum, it’s probably good enough for you.

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