🏋️‍♂️ 10 worst exercises for bodybuilding

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Here’s what’s going on this week:

  • The best exercises to build your upper chest.

  • The absolute worst bodybuilding exercises.

  • Foods you should be eating to help with inflammation.


Fixer-Upper Chest

Credit: BarBend

Ask bodybuilding coaches what body part is bound to be lagging behind on even the most industrious of lifters, and there’s a good chance they say the upper chest.

Essential for that perfect “classic” look while clothed or at the beach, this portion of the chest gives the upper body its presence and dimensionality. Unfortunately, building the top deck of the pecs with just the flat bench press (everyone’s go-to chest movement) isn’t going to happen.

Incline presses (including various barbell and dumbbell variations) are the most basic solution to this lack of pectoral voluptuousness, but other options do exist, such as the low cable fly (you’ve got to really focus on squeezing with these). Below, you’ll find even more exercise options to help build the upper chest you’ve been chasing after.

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Training Tips

Chase the Pump

Credit: Paul Aiken / Shutterstock

While powerlifting focuses on three movements — and in Olympic lifting, only two — people involved in bodybuilding training have access to an entire galaxy of options for muscle stimulation.

This makes it even more offensive when anybody looking to get bigger muscles focuses too hard on the wrong types of moves that halt progress rather than speed it up. And to help you know the good from the bad, we’ve collected a list of the 10 worst exercises for your bodybuilding routine.

Now for a disclaimer: These exercises aren’t inherently bad. They just don’t have the kind of muscle focus you might need to add the mass you’re craving. The deadlift, the greatest lift ever invented by man, is one such lift bodybuilders simply don’t need to fixate on in the same way as their strength-focused brethren. Ultra popular functional fitness trends like planks? Also a no.

Don’t fret — not only do we have advice on which moves to avoid, but we also provide effective swaps you can do in their place. We don’t like problems without solutions here at BarBend.


Inflammatory Rhetoric

Credit: rom_olik / Shutterstock

Joint pain due to heightened levels of inflammation can topple the mightiest Goliath in the gym. No amount of “getting through it” is enough when your elbows and shoulders shoot pain sensations to your brain every time you move a molecule too far in the wrong direction. There are various external ways to limit inflammation, but one of the best is to include a healthy dose of anti-inflammatory foods into your diet.

You might already be taking in some of the best inflammation-reducing foods without even knowing it, like drinking your daily cup of coffee or tea. The twin behemoths of leafy greens and berries are also likely parts of your regular dinners or simple add-ons to a blended protein shake.

Even if you follow a relatively healthy diet, you’ll want to check out our list of the best foods and supplements that help you fight inflammation. One look at these options, and you’ll realize that help is only an avocado away.

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Everything Else

Balls, Glutes, and Sleeves

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