🏋️‍♂️ 12 Cardio workouts you won't hate


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Here’s everything fit to print in this edition:

  • The best cardio workouts according to a CPT

  • Arnold Schwarzenegger’s workout split

  • Mitchell Hooper takes on Sam Sulek’s chest workout


Kick in the Cardio

Credit: BarBend

While conditioning may seem like a chore on the same level as mopping the floors or sorting lentils out of ash, it’s still noted as a necessity by pretty much everyone who knows anything about fitness. And if you’re willing to start taking your cardio seriously, you’re in luck! We had a certified personal trainer whip up 12 of the best cardio workouts that will get you into serious shape.

Getting your heart to beat outside its standard resting comfort zone can take many forms on the spectrum between steady-state and high-intensity. Conveniently, these are grouped into “bodyweight” and “machine,” the former of which can be accomplished almost anywhere on earth with minimal equipment, and the latter for when you have access to a fully stocked gym.

There’s nothing to fear from cardio once you understand it just wants to be your friend.

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Arnie’s A-Game

It’s been over 50 years since Arnold Schwarzenegger burst onto the bodybuilding scene, and he’s still one of the most talked about and beloved athletes to ever strap on a pair of posing trunks. The Austrian Oak’s high-volume lifting style, in particular, is still a go-to methodology for gymgoers around the world. That said, sticking to his actual workout split is rare

If you think you love lifting as much as young Arnold, and if you want to try to match his determination, this split will challenge even the most focused lifter (and if you can’t make it through a session, we’ve got you covered with ways to modify it for mere mortals).

Though Arnold’s high-volume, high-frequency approach seems too intense to be real, trust us, this is the genuine article. Learn all about Schwarzenegger’s workout split below and see if you can adapt it for your own goals. 


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Styles Clash

Credit: Mitchell Hooper

In a bit of a “man bites dog” moment, strongman Mitchell Hooper, ever on the hunt to expand his horizons, takes on the chest workout of breakout YouTube fitness star Sam Sulek.

Hooper, who has never met a workout he wouldn’t try, remains one of the strongest men in the world despite not being able to defend his World’s Strongest Man title a few weeks back. Sulek, for his part, has won over fans the world over with his unbridled enthusiasm for lifting (even if it was the downfall of literary figure Billy Mumphrey). 

How will Hooper fare in Sulek’s world of isolating muscle groups to failure? Will he survive in a jungle of cable machines with nary an Atlas stone or circus dumbbell in sight? Only one way to find out.

Everything Else

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