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Here’s what’s going on in today’s edition:

  • Jay Cutler says the bench press is bad for bodybuilding

  • An updated list of the best quad-building exercises

  • An interview with Olympian Olivia Reeves


No Benching Allowed

Credit: JayCutlerTV / YouTube

When ranking the hierarchy of all things related to the gym, the bench press is rarely on the outside looking longingly in at the pantheon of true greatness. But that sentiment isn’t as universal as you might think.

Jay Cutler, the four-time Mr. Olympia, has officially booted the bench press out of his list of top bodybuilding movements. In fact, Cutler explicitly says the bench press is “like the worst exercise for bodybuilding.”

Cutler came onto the bodybuilding scene with a huge frame and seemingly limitless strength, but he was always known for avoiding “going heavy” or straying too far away from higher, hypertrophy-based rep ranges. Always able to avoid serious injury, Cutler’s famous mindset of evaluating risk vs. reward for muscle gain has led to him completely eschewing the traditional flat bench. 

While other noted experts may disagree, Culet thinks you can get more size with less inherent danger by swapping the barbell bench out of your program. Find out how to create the perfect chest workout by clicking below.

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Quads Galore

Credit: @Giphy

Knowledge isn’t static, and when new data comes on the scene, a healthy society’s intelligent population needs to kinetically shift into new territories.

This is, of course, the case with everyone’s favorite subject: leg day training. BarBend’s useful quad development encyclopedia has three new entries to make your lower body training even more fun and productive than before. Now including a total of 16 distinct exercises for your perusal, you will no longer be totally alone in the world if you have been, maybe, just maybe, slacking off on legs a little bit.

Unless you’re some kind of masochist, quad training is usually pretty brutal. The big front muscles of the upper leg can perform a high load of work, meaning you can’t get away with just working them a little here and there. For eye-popping leg sweep and visible separation, you have to hit them with everything you’ve got and leave the problem of figuring out how to walk to your car to be solved later in the day. Use these quad movements as an investment into your satisfying future of post-leg day soreness.

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Olivia Reeves, Ascendant

Credit: USA Weightlifting

There may be nothing strange to American Olympic weightlifter Olivia Reeves about being on top of the world. At 20 years old and a champion for most of her competitive life, being the odds-on favorite in her weight class at the Paris Olympics may seem as normal as adding cereal to milk.

Gold medals have been an elusive prize for America’s top female weightlifters since the 2000 Sydney Games when women first started competing in Olympic weightlifting. Reeves is looking to change that — and she’s more than primed to do so.

In our interview with Reeves, the world-class weightlifter discusses her training, upbringing, and everything that has contributed to her success in the sport. With Reeves still firmly in her prime, it seems as if America has a shining light in the world of Olympic strength.

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