🏋️‍♀️ the 1-move workout that builds epic strength


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Here’s what we’re covering today:

  • The ins and outs of doing 100 push-ups per day.

  • Why more is more when it comes to the “Squat Every Day” protocol.

  • Learn our choices for the best creatine on the market.


Triple-Digit Threat

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Fitness is full of benchmarks: a sub-50 Murph, a triple-bodyweight deadlift, and, of course, the 100-push-ups-a-day challenge.

It’s not hard to understand why it’s such a coveted milestone for anyone intent on getting in fighting shape. The push-up is a very basic display of upper-body fitness. Good luck really improving your overall strength without dropping and giving 20… 30… 40…. For the rest of us mortals, banging out dozens of airtight push-ups warrants a jaw-drop from fellow gym-goers.

So, if you want to explore the benefits, risks, and how-tos for logging 100 push-ups a day, you’ve come to the right place.

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Exercise Tips

Squat ‘Til You Drop

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While we’re on the topic of daily workouts, let’s look at the “Squat Every Day” protocol. Thankfully, the name is pretty self-explanatory.

Some strength enthusiasts swear by daily squats for massive power and muscle gains. But while squatting every day may seem simple on paper, just give it a few weeks. The practice becomes undeniably brutal — even if you adore leg days.

Still, if you're so inclined, there may be ways to utilize the Squat Every Day protocol to get stronger and add muscle (or to simply test your willpower). Make it happen with our handy list of tips and tricks below.


Finding the Right Creatine

After whey protein powder, creatine may be the most popular supplement in a gymgoer’s pantry — and for good reason. Creatine is an amino acid known as a “muscle energizer” that mainly works by increasing one’s ability to improve power output in the gym. As a result, you may get stronger more quickly and build more muscle. Of course, it’s more nuanced than that.

Countless types of creatine are on shelves, with the most common and well-researched one being creatine monohydrate. To determine which creatine to buy, we tried and reviewed dozens of top brands to find the best ones for various fitness goals. Below, you’ll find our picks, along with answers to some common questions about creatine.

Everything Else

Build Your Dream Garage Gym

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  • For those who’ve already conquered the bodyweight pull-up, we bring you the weighted version. Here’s how to do it with perfect form.

  • Breaking every rep into its concentric and eccentric components can help you net more gains. Follow our advice.