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Here’s what’s going on in today’s edition:

  • The good and bad of creatine supplementation

  • The Mediterranean Diet goes green

  • Weightlifter Olivia Reeves’ training philosophy


Creatine: Yay or Nay

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Creatine is cheap, easy to find in stores, and has science to back up its claims of efficacy. But just as the crypto-crash, once again, proved there is no such thing as a perfect investment, so is it a truism that there is no perfect supplement.

While more Clint Eastwood than Lee Van Cleef, creatine has justly earned its spot on top of the nutrition store shelves. That said, you need to be fully informed before deciding whether it’s the right supp for you. 

In the article below, we dive into the nitty-gritty about one of the world’s most popular supplements and break down the pros and cons you’re likely to experience. And, as usual, we’ve got the science to back it all up.

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Go Green

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Just like the Stones went disco and Mr. Smith went to Washington, the popular Mediterranean Diet has gone green, ditching the meats and jacking up the vegetable intake in the popular diet.

Ostensibly made to reduce the amount of processed food, the alterations in the Green Mediterranean Diet seek to improve the gut health of its proponents. Also interested in reducing carbon emissions, this spin on the diet also makes a paradigm shift to plant-based proteins. (Also wine. You need to drink wine.) 


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More Than One Way to Win

Credit: USA Weightlifting

Olympic hopeful Olivia Reeves recently bared her soul to the hostile work environment of a Reddit AMA. The Junior world-record holder dished on some of the more unusual training habits that have led to her success.

Despite competing at the top of the heap in a weight-class sport, Reeves doesn’t even think about calories when she’s eating. Perhaps more strangely, given her sport, she revealed that she only trains four times a week. 

For an interesting look at an elite athlete who throws trends to the wayside and fast as she throws weight over her head, check out more of what Reeves had to say below.

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