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🏋️‍♂️ 3 Superman-inspired workouts that will pack on muscle


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Here’s what’s going on in today’s edition:

  • The best full-body workout you can do in a squat rack

  • How long should you rest between bench press sets?

  • Get an action-hero physique with this Superman workout


Get in the Cage

Credit: Yadwinder Heer / Shutterstock

The power rack is one of the best pieces of equipment known to humankind. Housing a barbell and weights, this iron playground is what all those ‘90s infomercial products claim to be: a one-stop shop for all your strength and conditioning needs.

Best of all, power racks are far more versatile than you’d imagine. They can provide an all-in-one full-body routine to hit your muscular development goals. Seriously, they’re all you need sometimes.

These racks are obviously known as the best place in the gym to squat, but with their powerful J-hooks and safety bars, you can also perform all sorts of pressing, rowing, and hinging moves. If you want to use all these features at once, you can save time and make some serious gains with the full-body power rack workout we’ve cooked up below.

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Exercise Science

And All the Rest

Credit: Andrew Will / Shutterstock

In music and fitness, rest can be just as important as actual work being done. Since the bench press is to pumping iron what Bach is to music, researchers have spent an inordinate amount of time figuring out the optimal time to rest between sets.

The study we’re focusing on today measured the speed and force in a one-rep max bench set and figured out what rest period provided the best results for the next set. It turns out that Westside was doing it wrong all along with their 10x2 with less than a minute of rest. The evidence says more rest is needed as you continue to lift heavy.

See the study for yourself, and decide if you can better enhance your pressing total with a different rest scheme.


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Spandex Never Looked so Good

Credit: Giphy

Yes, Superman’s physique, particularly Henry Cavill’s version from 2013’s Man of Steel, is an iconic outline of strength. If you’re looking to rock the same Kryptonian silhouette, you’re in luck because we’ve got a workout inspired by the Superman below.

Given that he is faster than a speeding bullet and more powerful than a locomotive, each day of this routine is centered around one capability: size, strength, or speed. You’ve got to get wide up top to fill out that “S” insignia, so there is plenty of direct upper- and mid-back training. Plus, we all know Justice Leaguers need explosive strength, which is why sled and thruster work fills up the second day.

When it’s time to rip off your glasses and change on the fly, it’s important to have the goods underneath.

Everything Else

Fantasy Strongman Showdown

Credit: Mitchell Hooper / YouTube