🏋️ 4 arm exercises you've never tried

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Here’s what’s on tap today:

  • Four arm exercises you’ve never tried before.

  • Three fundamental principles for building strength.

  • Watch Kate Sweatman set a new equipped British bench press record.

Exercise Tips

The Road Less Lifted

Man performs seated biceps curl

Image: Ben Pollack

There are so many ways we can attack our arms — it almost boggles the mind. But no matter how many times you’ve dedicated entire workouts to building your biceps, chances are you haven’t even scratched the surface of what’s possible. And that’s exactly what we’re here to discuss today.

While we can’t confirm it for sure, we broke down four arm exercises that you’ve probably never tried before. That is, unless, you have done a Tate press (?). These moves are sure to give your workouts a jolt and push your arms in a whole new way.

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Training Tips

Keep It Simple

Woman prepares to perform bench press

Image: 4 PM production on Shutterstock

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel in order to get stronger. When you get right down to it, the overall concept is relatively simple: Just pick a heavy weight up multiple times, and your strength should eventually increase.

But within that relatively simple framework, there are plenty of nuances to understand if you want to make real gains.

From how the body actually builds strength at a scientific level to proper recovery protocol, here’s our breakdown on getting stronger with a few key principles. Think of it like a handy little notepad the next time you get some weights in hand.

Record-Breaking Lift!

A Historic Bench Press

Kate Sweatman Bench Press British Record

Image: weightykate on Instagram

Kate Sweatman has about a half-decade of professional powerlifting experience. And in that time, her ascent into a genuine household name has been a sight to behold. And her latest feat might just be her strength magnum opus.

At least … to this point.

During the 2023 European Powerlifting Federation Equipped Bench Press Championships, Sweatman recorded a new British record of 215 kilograms (474 pounds) in the superheavyweight class. Not only is it a British record, but it’s the heaviest bench press for a woman in UK history.

(Whispers): The United Kingdom has an extensive history.

Everything Else

Keep Your Pulldowns Straight

Woman performs straight arm pulldown

Image: kzenon on Shutterstock

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