🏋️ 5 cable ab workouts for a killer six-pack

Netflix is apparently thinking of cracking down on "password sharing" in a curious business decision. But don't worry — we're always open to sharing our strength secrets with you.

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It's only January, but that didn't stop the IFBB from revealing when and where the 2023 Olympia will take place.

Powerlifter Joseph Tumbarello is a bench-press machine. And his 620-pound Larsen press PR is the sort of Monday motivation we could all use.

Yeah, great abs are ultimately made in the kitchen, but you still need to tend to them in the gym. We broke down some killer cable ab workouts to give you a hand.


An Olympia Party in Central Florida

Hadi Choopan, Hany Rambod celebrate his 2022 Olympia win

Image: @hadi_choopan on Instagram

We're barely a month removed from the 2022 Olympia, and it's already time to look ahead to what's in store for the next iteration. While bodybuilding titans like defending champion Hadi Choopan and established superstars like Derek Lunsford prepare for the months to come, they can do so with a concrete date in mind.

Officially, the 2023 Olympia will go down in Orlando from November 3-5. We say "officially" because the IFBB announced the date rather quietly: there was no separate announcement, and athletes only learned of the date once the 2023 IFBB Pro League calendar was revealed. Still, there's plenty of time for them to prepare — and for us to get hyped — for this year's show.

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Joseph Tumbarello Tumbles Into a PR

Joseph Tumbarello 620-pound Larsen Press PR

Image: @josephtumbarello on Instagram

Anyone familiar with Joseph Tumbarello's background knows he's a relentless cyclone of chest power. In fact, if you look at his Instagram, you'll see a powerlifter seemingly beyond committed to improving absolutely any aspect of his bench press. While entirely in line with his high standards, his latest feat still remains something to behold.

Last week, Tumbarello shared a clip of himself finishing off a 281.2-kilogram (620-pound) Larsen press for a new PR. If you're unfamiliar, a Larsen press tasks an athlete with keeping their feet off the ground while completing a bench rep. Without the inherent leg drive in play, a lifter must finish their bench press while leaning much on their upper-body muscles.

So, in essence, Tumbarello lifted over 600 pounds (!) without rooting his feet into the ground. You can pick your jaw up off the floor now. No one noticed. It's fine.

Training Tips

Rip Your Abs Up With Cables

Cable workout woman

Image: wertinio on Shutterstock

You're here because you love reading about strong and fit people accomplishing awesome things. You're probably also here because you're looking for a new way to push yourself in the gym, especially with aspects of your body like your core.

(Dramatic pause)

Well, once again, you came to the right place!

Today, we're sharing a few top-notch ab workouts that anyone can pick up on the fly and thrive with. And all you need is a cable machine to help give you the abs of your dreams. Here's our overview of cable ab routines for anyone looking to solidify their core the right way.

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