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🏋️‍♂️ 5 deadlift programs to boost your pulling strength


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Here’s everything fit to print in today’s edition:

  • Should you work out in the morning or evening?

  • Program your deadlift for success

  • Comparing and contrasting the front squat and back squat

Training Tips

Early Bird or Night Owl?

Credit: @boomerangtoons / Giphy

Unless you’re a professional athlete, your work schedule probably dictates your training time. This likely leaves you with two basic options for working out: the mornings or evenings.

In what is always the million-dollar question, we’ve got an article all about helping you understand whether working out early or late is a better option for you.

Luckily, the answer might be as easy as picking the one you like better. While the consistency with which you train will ultimately matter more than what the clock on the wall says, there are some fine details to be aware of if your performance is as important to you as your free time. Parse your time better with these useful tips about training times.

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Of Math and Deadlifts

Credit: @Disneyplus

Sometimes, watching social media for too many hours can convince you that deadlift training is all about just gripping it and ripping it. What you don’t often see is the detailed programming that precedes the maximum effort that draws all the views and thumbs-ups.

The five deadlift programs we’ve created below are exactly what you need to improve your performance on the most visceral of all gym lifts. Logical overload protocols are combined with specific “extra” work to build up your body’s specific deficits depending on where you are and where you want to end up.

The ‘Gram only shows you the end result of weeks and months of dedicated work, but if you stick to these programs, you’ll have plenty more to show for it than a 10-second clip.

Exercise Tips

Front to Back

Credit: Improvisor/Shutterstock

If the internet has accomplished at least one good thing in the past 30 years, it’s been convincing more people that squats belong in nearly every workout program.

Without getting into the weeds of the old Usenet groups or the name-calling of 2000s-era gym forums, we’ve put together this article on the key differences between two independently great forms of squatting: the back squat and the front squat.

Squatting is still squatting, whichever variant you choose to focus on, so it’s important not to be tribal about such things. Squatting deep and hard with either will work the same muscles, but depending on your specific sport or muscular development goals, one might just offer the extra oomph needed to get you over the hump. Seek out the perfect squat for your life in the article below.

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Everything Else

Old School, Best School


  • Watching IPF and USAPL records drop like flies is fine and dandy, but learning about these old-school feats of legendary strength, from the time before calibrated plates and cerakote barbells, will expand your horizons in the land of strength history.

  • Stair steppers are a big investment in terms of sweat equity and moolah, so read our best-of list to pick the right one for you.

  • Smelling salts are a staple in serious gyms and at every kind of athletic event. Learn why they are used and what they do for the athletes getting a big whiff.