🏋️‍♂️ 5 fitness myths killing your gains


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Here’s what we’ve got for you today:

  • What foods to eat before your workout

  • Pervasive strength training myths you need to ignore

  • How much cardio is too much?


A Pre-Workout Smorgasbord

Credit: nadianb / Shutterstock

If you are what you eat, it wouldn’t be a leap to say that your workout quality also depends on what’s on your plate.

What you shove in your face directly impacts what you can shove overhead. And to help maximize your pre-workout meals, we’ve cobbled together one of our world-famous listicles to build you the menu of your gym dreams.

Your workout fuel will change depending on your specific fitness goals and dietary restrictions; if you’re on a strict keto plan, you won’t be taking advantage of the power hidden within a simple bagel, after all. Remember, your body needs fuel to perform, and the fuels found below may help you get across the line to the checkered flag.

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Myths Busted

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The strength world is no different from the regular world — misinformation and fallacies pervade every part of life. The strength-specific myths we bust below are no different from worrying about stepping on cracks or crossing paths with a black cat. 

Admit it, you’ve snickered more than once when you’ve seen someone riding a stationary bike after lifting weights. “Cardio makes you lose all your gainz, bruh,” you probably said to yourself. Your aversion to cardio has probably also kept you stapled to the couch on rest days, fearful of venturing out into the world and accidentally overtraining yourself. 

That’s just one of the misnomers we’re correcting today. Put these and other myths to the side and come to the light.


Too Much of a Good Thing?

Credit: BarBend

Hate it, love it, obsessively do it for no particular reason other than that there are TVs at the gym — cardio is a monolith in the fitness world. But can too much of a good thing really be bad? Are you actually just straight-up doing too much cardio? That might just be the case. 

Don’t take this as an excuse to avoid the treadmill in lieu of the tavern because “BarBend said so.” There are some important signs to be aware of if you’re teetering on the edge of overtraining, like excessive pain and problems sleeping.

Your body can do a whole lot of amazing things if you give it plenty of good fuel and rest, so don’t be afraid of pushing hard to get to where you want. Just make sure you know when to say enough is enough.

Everything Else

Heel Turn

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