🏋️‍♂️ these 5 mistakes are killing your gains


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Here’s what we’ve got for you today:

  • Simple fixes for common lifting mistakes

  • Strategies for losing up to two pounds per week

  • Comparing training and nutrition for HYROX and CrossFit

Exercise Tips

The Fix Is In

Credit: TORWAISTUDIO / Shutterstock

Everyone makes mistakes in life. In the gym, in fact, everyone basically makes the same mistakes again and again. 

Even if you think you already know better, fixing these exceptionally common lifting mistakes will tighten up your session and help you leave the gym feeling better than when you walked in.

Not every mistake involves a physical or technical correction from a well-meaning training partner. Sometimes, your program is just bad. Sometimes, your program is well thought-out and scientifically solid, but your utter boredom with it is causing you to not get as much out of the sets and reps.

Life is too short to miss out on gainz, so make sure you’re maximizing them with the tips below.

Weight Loss

More Pounds Per Week

Credit: @nickrewind / Giphy

Shedding up to two pounds of body weight per week may be the gold standard for what is reasonably possible with strict dieting and exercise. And the article below helps lay out strategies for keeping your mind and body focused on the task at hand instead of allowing yourself to fall into a chemical vat chock full of excuses.

Taking in fewer calories is (obviously) what helps lead to big jumps in weight loss, but just saying, “I’m on a diet,” doesn’t really cut it. Axing entire food groups, inserting scheduled fasts into your week, or dramatically cutting daily calories seems like extreme solutions until you break out the calculator and see how much you actually need to remove. 

These changes don’t need to lead to massive hunger pangs and brain fog if you also understand the basics of eating for satiety. Schedule yourself a visit with this diet-intense article and book your passage on the summer-long weight loss cruise.

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A HYROX Jumps on a Box

Credit: wod-science / YouTube

While not exactly a classic Dr. Seuss tale, the common, forced rhyme, elements of training in a CrossFit Box and training to race in a HYROX event share many of the same principles.

A newer addition to the competitive fitness culture CrossFit helped establish in the early part of the century (feeling old yet?), HYROX races slant farther away from technical strength and more toward running and endurance. Strongman competitors, chuckling in their CPAPs, will note this is exactly what they said about the differences between their sport and the then-nascent idea of CrossFit competitions 20 years ago.

Are you a CrossFitter curious about trying out a HYROX race? This article, made specially for you and anyone else curious about the minutiae of training across different sports, highlights the key takeaways athletes need to excel in each sport.

Everything Else

Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barbells

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