🏋️ 6 high-protein recipes to grill up this memorial day

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We get it. You’re tired, checked out, and ready for the weekend. That’s why we’ve crammed our best content of the week into a lean, mean 500 words.

Here’s what we have in store today:

  • It’s Memorial Day weekend, and there are some terrific deals to take advantage of on home gym equipment.

  • How strong is Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson really? We look at the evidence.

  • And finally, we have six protein-rich recipes to scarf down over the long weekend.


Save Big, Get Big

Image: Force USA

It’s one thing to head out to your gym, gather your gym bag, get your towel and water bottle, and make that extended trek in traffic. It’s another thing entirely to have a gym at home. Now, wouldn’t that be convenient and save you a ton of headaches?

We’ve got an answer for you, and it’s timed perfectly for Memorial Day. This holiday weekend, you can get some dynamite deals on exercise equipment from Force USA. A few highlights include:

  • A killer 45-degree hack squat with 20 percent off

  • An all-in-one training machine marked off 15 percent

  • A half-training rack with $1,000 off (!)

And with the code BARBEND5, you’ll get an extra 5 percent off your order! Get shopping below:

Celebrity Fitness

The Legend of Dwayne Johnson

Image: @therock on Instagram

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has seemingly done it all. He was a college football player for the Miami Hurricanes. He’s one of the biggest superstars in WWE history. And he’s now one of the biggest movie stars in every sense of the phrase.

Johnson continues to flourish partly because he’s built like a human tank. Now, you might be wondering: How strong is this he? We think we’ve figured it out.

Based on sample workouts that he shares all the time and anecdotal legends about the icon, here’s a breakdown of how strong Johnson really is.


Beef Up This Memorial Day

Image: Butcherbox

It’s a holiday weekend, and you’ve probably already got that cookout with beloved family and friends in store. But if you’re trying to stick to your training goals, not everything you eat will offer the nutrition you need.

That’s where we come in with a handy protein-rich guide for the next three days.

From some good old-fashioned bison burgers to tomahawk steaks (we said, “Wait, what?” too), here are six high-protein foods you should eat this holiday.

Everything Else

Arnold’s Words of Wisdom

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