🏋️ 6 landmine exercises for knockout shoulders

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Here’s what we’ve got for you this week:

  • Top landmine exercises to build better shoulders.

  • How undulating periodization can drastically improve your workouts.

  • Alcohol, pre-workout nutrition, and you.


Blow Up Your Shoulders

Credit: RomarioIen / Shutterstock

More than just an excuse to use variation for variation’s sake, throwing landmine training into your shoulder routine can help you hit the deltoids from different angles, safely train unilaterally, and give you a unique stress at different spots along the force curve.

Due to its compact and versatile design, the landmine allows you to perform a variety of presses and rows in a home weight room or commercial gym. That means no more guarding a cable machine like a jealous penguin guarding its nest during mating season. Instead, you can work all three heads of the deltoid with one simple setup.

So, if you’ve been sticking to the same two or three deltoid exercises for too long, we’ve got the six best landmine exercises to try below.

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Workout Tips

DUP Step

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If you’re still stuck in the prehistory of Weider Principles — or the belief that anything over five reps is cardio — you’re missing out on an entire world of strength and hypertrophy programming.

Daily undulating periodization (DUP for short) provides you with a way to train heavy, light, and medium across a training cycle by switching up your rep/set scheme on a workout-by-workout basis. This keeps you from hitting the same lifts in the same way all the time, providing your body with new stimuli across a training cycle and preventing you from accidentally specializing in a specific rep range.

DUP can be as complex or as simple as you feel like making it. If you’re new to it, start simple and track all of your numbers and effort ranges. Give this primer a read and get ready to get back on the gain-train.


Pregame the Pre-Workout?

Credit: @workaholics / Giphy

Maybe the old-timers who get annoyed with the amount of lifting information available on the internet have a point. It is through an overabundance of information — much of it being dubious at best — that anybody would seriously think pounding some alcohol along with their stimulant would lead to improved training outcomes.

So, for those of you who really need evidence-backed data to prove every possible permutation of every possible use for nutrition, here is some clarity on the subject of hard liquor and pre-workouts. This is one of those times when you want the experts to have their say instead of experimenting yourself.

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Everything Else

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