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🏋️‍♂️ 6 overlooked lower chest exercises for better pecs


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Here’s what’s going on in today’s edition:

  • IPF bench press world record broken

  • The best Memorial Day fitness sales

  • How to build a solid lower chest


Single-Plying His Trade

Credit: @theepf on Instagram

Single-ply lifting has a rich history in powerlifting, so it's a big deal when records come crashing down. That said, the 105kg class has a new all-time bench press world-record holder, and his name is Viktor Leskovets. 

Lifting at an event in Hamm, Luxembourg, Leskovets successfully bench-pressed more than anybody ever has in the IPF’s equipped classification when he hit 325.5 kilograms (717 pounds.) In the International Powerlifting Federation (IPF), lifters in the equipped class are allowed to use single-ply bench shirts, wrist wraps, and lifting belts. Leskovets used all of these aides for his huge lift.

Watch the video of his mammoth bench press below.

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Save Big This Weekend

Credit: South Park

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Right now, you can shop some of the best Memorial Day fitness equipment sales of 2024. 

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Go Low

Credit: BarBend

The lower chest is a strange beast on the body’s musculature. You may sometimes, quizzically, throw some weight onto a decline bench, knowing you can handle more weight than a flat bench, but the true mysteries of lower pec development remain hidden from you.

To shed some light on the murky underbelly of your under-chest, we’ve got a guide filled with the best exercises you can do to target it.

Your impulse to move toward the decline bench was a good one, but your application needs to be altered in order to puff up and support your pec structure. Dips are always in style, albeit with minor technical modifications to target the part of the muscle in your crosshairs. Taking the sage wisdom of your Virgil to heart, you can go forth into the world and display a lifetime of lower chest greatness.

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