🏋️ 6 unique arm exercises for your workouts

Happy National Doughnut Day to all those who observe. We wouldn’t usually suggest loading up on crullers and Boston creams for a pre-workout snack, but it is a holiday, after all.

Here’s what we’re serving up today:

  • Six unique arm exercises you need in your routine.

  • A look at how strong bodybuilding legend Jay Cutler really was.

  • A tandem deadlift worthy of a Guinness World Record.

Training Tips

Off the Beaten Path

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It’s that point in the year where, after all your arm workouts, you might have hit a plateau. You’re frustrated, you don’t know how to proceed, and you still want bigger and stronger arms. We’ve been there. It ain’t fun, and we don’t endorse this feeling because we’re sympathetic.

Speaking from experience (and our latest breakdown, obviously), we’ve got a training guide to get you back on the road.

From drag curls to cable skull crushers, here are six unique arm exercises that can really shake up your routine.


Jay Cutler’s Legendary Strength

Jay Cutler flexing with a question about his strengthh

Image: @jaycutler on Instagram

Anyone familiar with bodybuilding knows Jay Cutler’s reputation. He’s one of the biggest names in the history of the sport and has four Mr. Olympia titles to back it up. But for someone known for looking ripped and pumped on stage, we never had a concrete idea of Cutler’s actual strength.

That is … until now!

In a comprehensive breakdown of Cutler’s history, training tidbits, and any relevant context provided over the years, we examined how strong this icon was in his prime.

Slight spoiler alert: He may as well have been a modern Hercules.


A Deadlift Built for Two

Izzy Tait and Sam Taylor's Guinness World Record deadlift

Image: @cerebus_strength on Instagram

In terms of overall career scope, strongwomen athletes Izzy Tait and Sam Taylor are still relatively new to the competitive scene. And they had a rather unique way of putting themselves on the map last weekend.

During the 2023 UK’s Strongest Woman (UKSW), Tait and Taylor combined to pull 454 kilograms (1,000.9-pounds) on a tandem deadlift. The deadlift team-up mark is officially a Guinness World Record. The feat might be even more impressive considering the pair used a CERBERUS Strength Kratos bar — known for its extensive 10-foot length adding an additional “flex” to any pulls from the ground.

Needless to say, Tait and Taylor pulled (get it?) a rabbit out of a hat with this strength magic trick.

Everything Else

Another Monstrous Deadlift

Lucy Underdown Kratos Bar deadlift Record 2023 UK's Strongest Womann

Image: @cerberus_strength on Instagram