🏋️‍♂️ 7 Ways to hit your macros on a budget


Here’s what we’ve got for you today:

  • Tips from a cardiologist for lowering your resting heart rate

  • How to hit your macros without breaking the bank

  • A guide to creating your own workouts


How Low Can You Go?

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A healthy heart is, literally, the beating center of the human body, and the rate at which that heart fires may be the difference between a healthy cardiopulmonary system and a serious underlying problem.

BarBend recently spoke with cardiologist Dr. Sadeer Al-Kindi from Houston Methodist about the importance of heart rate ranges and how one can improve one's heart’s pace.

First, you’ve got to understand the basics of this complicated (seemingly) perpetual motion machine. For example, your resting heart rate and your heart rate in the middle of a set of 100 burpees will likely be slightly different, and both numbers can give insights into your general cardiac health. Take a crash course in a pre-med degree and learn all about the importance of lowering your heart rate below.

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Healthy Eating on a Healthy Wallet

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Eating healthy is one of the best investments you can make for your future well-being, but sometimes marketing and diet companies make it seem like you need to fork over your 401(k) in order to afford all that nutritious grub.

This is a myth that needs to be busted, and we’re here to debunk it with this guide to eating healthy food, hitting your macros, and achieving all of your diet and nutrition goals without breaking the bank. 

The first step may be deceptively simple: Stop wasting food you already own. American families average $1,500 of food waste a year, but with careful planning and proper storage, this can be converted into money back in your pocket. George Bernard Shaw said, “The only true freedom is financial freedom,” and if he were a modern-day fitness influencer, he would know to replace the word freedom with health.

Become healthy in all worlds with this simple tutorial.

Workout Tips

A DIY How-To

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The year is 2024, and a staggering number of fitness programs are for sale via a novel 20th-century invention called the World Wide Web. What if you don’t want a cookie-cutter program, your budget doesn’t allow for personalized programming, or you’re just an old-fashioned, rugged individualist who enjoys doing things on your own?

You can set up your own program, and you might even find it enjoyable. In the article below, we walk you through an impressive array of modalities and training concepts to help you create your own template based on your goals, time, and access to equipment. 

For anybody interested in the inner workings of programming, this also serves as a great primer for diving into the vast world of training theory and application. Just like learning how to cook or repair a home can improve your quality of life, understanding your own training can, too.

Everything Else

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