🏋️‍♂️ 8 shoulder exercises that build serious strength

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Here’s what we’ve got for you in today’s BarBend Newsletter:

  • Eight shoulder press variations that build top-notch strength.

  • The best triceps exercises for grow and show.

  • Everything you need to know about the 2023 Rogue Invitational


It’s Over Your Head

Credit: @Starwars / Giphy

While lifting weight overhead can be an impressive show of strength, not everyone has the mobility or overall joint health to perform a strict barbell press.

If this sounds familiar — don’t fret! There’s no need for your shoulders to wither like you’ve spent six months in space. With the eight overhead press variations we’re highlighting today, you can still apply load to your shoulders, albeit in a friendlier manner.

Now, you don’t need to be in pain to use these muscle-building movements. Slamming your delts from a different angle with landmine presses, or by using a neutral grip bar, is an evergreen method of hypertrophy training. Whether your goal is strictly to increase muscle mass or if you want to set overhead records in your sport of choice, training your shoulders with these variations will provide a base of operations.

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Exercise Tips

Horseshoes and Hand Grenades

Credit: I T A L O/ Shutterstock

Nobody has ever walked into the gym because they wanted smaller arms and less weight added to their bench press. If that’s what you are after, stop reading now and take up fishing.

Luckily for those still reading, we’ve rounded up the 15 best triceps exercises that will surely lead to more muscle and (more importantly) bigger PRs on those oh-so-important compound exercises.

While biceps training will always be in vogue, serious triceps training is one of the best ways to fill out those T-shirt sleeves. The horseshoes on the back of your arms are what give you that powerful presence, and incorporating moves like the JM press and diamond push-ups can be just what’s needed to push through any stubborn muscle-building plateaus.


All Eyes on Rogue

Credit: @rogueinvitational / Instagram

The annual Rogue Invitational is set to kick off this weekend, with a combination of contests involving a bevy of fit people moving fast (CrossFit) and huge people moving mind-blowing weights (strongman).

With the major networks broadcasting football all weekend, Rogue has chosen to livestream the event, free of charge, from both the official Rogue website and the brand’s YouTube channel.

Coming to you from Round Rock, Texas, the Rogue Invitational offers up the largest purse of any strongman event. Big names like Mitchell Hooper and Tom Stoltman will be on display, along with Rogue’s “Legends” division, filled with CrossFitters like Rich Froning and Dan Bailey. Find all the details — including event times and full rosters — below.

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Everything Else

Go for the Gold

Credit: USA Weightlifting

  • There’s a tight race for the precious few spots available on America’s 2024 Olympic Weightlifting team. And after her gold medal performance this week at the Pan Am Games, Olivia Reeves (81KG) put a big check mark next to her name.

  • While it takes more work to master than a cable curl or plank, the snatch can provide you with unique training benefits and explosive power. But first, make sure your form is on point.

  • Swolverine POST provides lifters with a vegan option for their post-workout needs. This product combines pea protein and carbohydrates for a delicious PETA-friendly shake. Check out our full review.