🏋️ 9 powerful foods for workout energy

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Here’s what’s in store before the weekend:

  • Nine of the best foods to fuel your fitness.

  • Five exercises to rip up your inner chest.

  • Arnold Schwarzenegger and Ronnie Coleman team up for a legendary workout.


Energize Your Workouts

Credit: @SNL / Giphy

Working out and pushing your body to its absolute limits is exhausting enough. It’s one thing to track your gains, weight, and overall progress. It’s another to add a complex diet plan that matches your goals. It’s like throwing a wrench into the works of something that isn’t broken.

We’re here to help.

To simplify matters, we’re breaking down different kinds of food — specifically nine types — that can give you fuel before, during, and after your workouts. Never again will you have to worry about having enough energy or time. This guide will ease your nutrition troubles.

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Exercise Tips

Build 3-D Pecs

Athlete works chest out with cable machine

Credit: andreonegin / Shutterstock

If you’re like us, you dedicate an inordinate (appropriate) amount of time to bulking up your chest. It’s important to hit it from every angle: Inclines. Declines. Flat. Even upside down! (Not really. But can you imagine?)

But amidst your chest ambitions, you might be forgetting your inner chest. Lucky for you, we just so happen to have a detailed rundown of the best moves to target this oft-overlooked spot.

From incline hex presses to a classic dumbbell bench press, here are five inner-chest exercises that will make your pecs look three-dimensional.


A Titanic Team-Up

Arnold Schwarzenegger, Ronnie Coleman hand clasp

Credit: @ronniecoleman8 / Instagram

When it comes to bodybuilding greatness, few people can match the brilliance of Ronnie Coleman and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Between the pair, they have 15 Mr. Olympia titles (eight for Coleman, seven for Schwarzenegger). So when the two icons got together to work out at a bodybuilding “Mecca” — Gold’s Gym in Venice, CA — you just knew there’d be fireworks.

As both men polished up their triceps and biceps, they seemed to recognize the gravity of the moment. It isn’t often two all-timers are seen in one famous place, let alone training together.

Once he thought about it, Coleman had an apt reaction: “Fifteen Olympias in the house. This don’t ever happen.”

Indeed, Big Ron. Indeed.

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Everything Else

A 19-Year-Old’s Monstrous Deadlift

Jalen Faulk 783-Pound Deadlift

Credit: @jj.fau1k / Instagram