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Here’s what we’ve got for you today:

  • The three best exercises for your arm day

  • How to lay out your push/pull/legs routine

  • Mitchell Hooper’s guide to adding 100 pounds to your deadlift

Training Tips

Fulfill Your Pipe Dreams

Credit: @RosannaPansino / Giphy

As doctor, chiropractor, and powerlifter Jordan Shallow notes in the article below, direct arm training can be just as important for functionality as it is for inspiring jealousy at the beach.

Rather than eschewing arm training in favor of simply using large movements 100% of the time, Dr. Shallow prescribes three foundational exercises that should be included in everyone’s arm day.

Dr. Shallow believes a dedicated arm day can help with a lifter’s longevity in strength sports by improving movement quality and mobility. It may not seem as hardcore as getting jacked up on smelling salts and pounding out max singles, but an arm-focused training session just might help you break more PRs in the future. (And you’ll get bigger arms — everyone wants bigger arms.)

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Bro Split or No Split

Credit: Jeff Nippard / YouTube

Fitness influencer Jeff Nippard loves getting the most out of everything in the gym. When he sets up a push/pull/squat split, he focuses on including exercises that work scientifically (and bro-scientifically) within the confines of a three-day split.

Using a push/pull/legs split means the exercises you use need to cover a lot of ground. Unless you plan on spending six hours a day in the gym (an unwise choice in many ways), each move needs to obliterate everything in its path. And Nippard is here to make sure you’re choosing the best of the best for your three-day split.

If your life is ready for the Split of Bro, listen to Nippard’s advice and use these exercises to get as big as your heart desires.

Exercise Tips

Kill Your Deadlift

Credit: Mitchell Hooper / YouTube

Adding 100 pounds to your deadlift can seem like a daunting challenge — but adding that much to your pull in 90 freaking days sounds insane. And that’s exactly the journey top-level strongman Mitchell Hooper is asking his YouTube followers to take with him.

In addition to the basics like understanding your technique, Hooper is a fan of off-the-beaten-path (for the deadlift) innovations like higher volume training, reductions in rest times, and progressing upward in inefficient variants designed to build your top-level strength.

Put your trust in Hooper’s definitive deadlifting prowess and listen to his tips for boosting your deadlift.

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Everything Else

“The Mutant” Returns

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