🏋️‍♀️ best 20-minute workouts for fat loss

If you need to blow off some steam after taking Daniel Jones in your fantasy league, we’ve got a few workout ideas that could help ease the pain.

Here’s what we have for you today:

  • Twenty-minute workouts that fit into any schedule.

  • Are artificial sweeteners effective for fat loss?

  • Five common lifting mistakes (and how to fix them).


Get In, Get Out

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The most common excuse given for not working out is “I don’t have enough time.” But as far as excuses go, it’s actually a pretty poor one, especially when you can knock out a sweat-inducing workout in as little as 20 minutes.

Not only that, but you can stick with just one piece of equipment in one area and get all your work done. (If you’re being honest, 20 minutes of actual work may be all you’re getting out of a 60-minute training session anyway.)

We’ve devised four lightning-quick workouts below so you can cut the gristle out of your routine and focus on the big, meaty chunks instead. (Can you tell we haven’t had lunch yet?) You’ll find routines focused on everything from strength gains to fat loss. All you have to do is honestly assess your goals and experience level before you start conquering these routines.


Artificial Sweeteners, Real Results

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The consensus on artificial sweetener safety bounces back and forth from hot to cold depending on which sector of fitness you spend your time wallowing in. For some, Stevia and aspartame are valuable tools to curb cravings and provide satiety, whereas others claim that they are the very devil’s taste buds themselves at work.

Now, a scientific meta-analysis aims to put all the debate to bed. The findings: People who consume artificial sweeteners achieve more weight loss versus those who do not. Have you ever seen a bodybuilder in real life without a can of Diet Coke in their hands? We rest our case.

Far from a magic fat-incinerating wizard’s potion, using artificial sweeteners instead of sugar works in just the way you would expect — they have fewer calories. Fewer calories “in” tends to mean fewer calories converted to fat and stored in the body. You can see the full details of the meta-analysis below.

Exercise tips

Correct Yourself

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While fitness advice is more readily available than ever, not many lifters have the luxury of having an in-person mentor in the gym to truly show them the ropes and keep them going on the right track. And without that, the mistakes can pile up — fast.

It turns out that most people tend to commit the same types of mistakes over and over in the gym, including simple positioning issues during big lifts and a lack of endurance training for high-rep sets. And since these issues are so universal, we’ve cobbled together five of the most common ones in order to offer up some quick fixes.

If you do notice a semblance of yourself in any of these five issues, do your best to develop the kind of self-awareness needed to make some simple corrections.

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Everything Else

World’s Strongest Pec Tear

Credit: Brian Shaw / YouTube

  • You may remember that Brian Shaw recently won his final strongman contest on his way out to retirement, but you may not know that he tore his pec in the process. (Hey, not every swang song can be painless.)

  • America’s medal drought at the World Weightlifting Classic finally came to an end as Hampton Morris blasted up a world-record clean and jerk for himself and his home country.

  • The farmer’s walk offers some serious strength benefits without requiring complex form or a steep learning curve. You’ll still need to learn how to do it, though.

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