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Here’s what’s going on in today’s edition:

  • Legendary bodybuilder Lee Labrada discusses muscle growth after 40

  • Dana Linn Bailey’s take on glute training

  • All the advantages of protein powder


Labrada Does Labrada

Credit: Labrada Nutrition / YouTube

Bodybuilding icon Lee Labrada, who, at 64, still has a more muscular body than any of us, recently took to YouTube with his thoughts on the best training split to use for continued muscle gain after the age of 40.

The IFBB Hall of Famer opines on the advantages a full-body training day provides to beginners or experienced lifters coming off a long layover. In a move that may infuriate science-based-study types, he advocates for a classic three-day “bro split” of push/pull/legs after putting in enough hours on the full-body day. 

Labrada knows muscle, and even if you’re not over 40, his advice may help keep you buff well into your AARP years.

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Exercise Tips

Dana and the Glutes

Credit: DanaLinnBailey

Dana Linn Bailey is no stranger to the world of glute training. The 2013 Women’s Physique Olympia champion has been providing expert advice in the online sphere for well over a decade, and her 500,000-plus YouTube followers all agree: DLB knows how to shape up your butt.

In the article below, Bailey walks viewers through a hamstring and glute workout and offers advice on what to substitute if you train in a sparse home gym rather than a booty machine-filled muscle mecca. Preferring to work with lower loads and higher rep ranges, she also encourages the use of supersets to really get a posterior pump on. It’s never a bad time to start training your glutes, so strap on some yoga pants and start the party early.


Powder Power

Credit: BarBend

If you lift weights on the regular and crave a more muscular physique, then the FDA’s guidelines for the amount of protein you should be ingesting are definitely on the lower end of the scale. Pumping up your protein intake with food alone remains a challenge for many busy folks, which is reason enough to investigate the seven benefits of protein powder that we lay out in the article below.

Protein powder is one of the most convenient, potent, and affordable ways to boost your muscle-building macronutrient mathematics. Derived from a number of sources (including whey or plants) and then smashed into powder form, there is a protein powder consistent with every diet and lifestyle. 

You’re probably already on board the protein-powder train, but even so, it will make your trip so much better if you have a map of all the places it can take you to.

Everything Else

Half as Much, Twice as Good

Credit: Ground Picture / Shutterstock