🏋️‍♂️ grow your biceps with these 6 moves

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Here’s what’s on tap for today:

  • Six unique exercises for arm day

  • It’s time to sumo goblet squat

  • Let this coach help you run a faster mile


Shake It Up

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After untold weeks, months, and years toiling away in the gym, you might be running out of exercises to excite and tantalize your biceps’ muscle fibers. Don’t fear because the six unique exercises we rounded up below will help you spice up your relationship in the elbow flexion/extension part of your life.

Powerlifters likely know all about the JM Press, but it might have escaped the notice of strictly hypertrophy-based trainers. The drag curl has, likewise, been gaining traction on the internet, but a brief survey of your local iron paradise will find it woefully lacking in the land of flesh and blood. Start cycling in each of these lifts and become a star at your local gym.

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Exercise Tips

No Mawashi Necessary

Credit: PeopleImages . com – Yuri A / Shutterstock

If you aren’t hip to the vernacular of gym culture, you might wonder why a sport with no relationship to Japanese culture constantly uses the word sumo to describe anything having to do with a wide stance. That discussion will have to wait for another day because right now, you just need to accept the convention to learn about the power and glory of the goblet sumo squat.

Sumo stances are common in powerlifting: A wide stance decreases your range of motion and puts more stress on the powerful glutes and hamstrings. You can use this same concept by transforming your regular goblet squat into a posterior chain super-movement. Take heed of the common pitfalls, make notes on form, and get to squatting.


Run the Mile in Style

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Long-distance running coach Lee Whitaker wants you to run a faster mile, and in this article, he has the keys you need for success.

Assuming you are already running (if not, then step one becomes: start running), Whitaker wants you to develop a strong aerobic system by shaking up your workouts to include longer runs and shorter bursts of energy instead of keeping the distance and speed constantly the same. 

Refreshingly, he also wants you to worry less about your form and spend more energy on actually running. If you want a better mile time, or if you’re just curious about the ins and outs of training for distance running, everything is spelled out for you to understand below.

Everything Else

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