🏋️‍♂️ hate pull-ups? try these 4 alternatives instead

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  • The best alternatives to pull-ups.

  • Is it possible to build your biceps peaks?

  • How to create an at-home powerlifting gym

Training Tips

A Chest Walks Into a Bar

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Pull-ups are among the most primal movement patterns known to man. Unfortunately, age, injury, decreased mobility, and strength limitations can prevent a significant portion of the population from effectively performing the motion.

Thankfully, there exist in this world a number of useful alternatives to the full pull-up that can grant you the same strength-building powers. 

For example, mimicking the motion with a lat pulldown or a flexed-arm hang are easy ways to reap similar benefits without having to become a full-fledged pull-up maestro. Wherever you are on your pull-up journey, rest assured that the methods below exist to scoot you toward your goals.


Peaks and Freaks

Credit: Fab / YouTube

In the late 1990s, pro wrestler Scott Steiner shocked and awed fans with a pair of biceps peaks that stood out even among the over-the-top physiques in WCW and, later, WWE.

The softball-sized inserts in Big Poppa Pump’s biceps are the ultimate goal of arms training, but is it purely genetic, or is it possible for anyone to train for a biceps peak?

To train that peak, the idea is to specifically target the muscle fibers that make up that “long head” of the biceps. Based on the existing body of evidence, you should do this by performing curls that place your shoulder in hyperextension. To that end, we’ve compiled three go-to exercises that could target the biceps peaks of your dreams.

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Home Gyms

Lifting on Your Terms

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In the bygone days of the 20th century, finding a gym to power lift in might involve driving across state lines and breaking into a musty basement where you could drop weights without being excommunicated.

Thankfully, we are at the height of at-home gym equipment fabrication in 2023, and it is now possible to create a legit powerlifting setup right in the comfort of your own home.

When looking to start your gym, your eyes will invariably get bigger than your stomach. It’s important to prioritize your purchasing and slowly build up your hoard with the things you really need: a power rack, enough weight for your strength levels, and the best barbell you can afford. Once you have that in place, there are thousands of toys for you to add at your leisure. Follow this guide to avoid spoiling yourself too much.

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