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Here’s everything we’ve got to end your week:

  • Up-to-date World’s Strongest Man results

  • Debunking Mike Mentzer’s training philosophies

  • How to use the cable crunch for summer abs


Giants, Live!

Credit: BarBend

Formerly a Christmas tradition, then broadcast over the airwaves during summer, and now with results and analysis available right at your little mutant fingertips in real-time, the World’s Strongest Man has been the strongman contest to watch since 1977.

Glory be to the age of the internet because now you can get up-to-the-minute event highlights and analysis from BarBend as the competition unfolds from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. It’s already underway and runs through Sunday.

The contest, which features classic events and a new Webster Stone event, is known for its grueling multi-day format. Check out the link below all through the weekend to stay up to date on the results and find out who is crowned the World’s Strongest Man when the contest concludes on May 5.

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Take the Good With the Bad

Credit: @mentzerhit on Instagram

Through the power of social media, a new generation of lifters has been exposed to Mike Mentzer's rock-hard body and singular training philosophies. Though Mentzer passed away in 2001, his advice lives on, and he’s become something of a cult figure on Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube.

Mentzer is best known for his HIT training philosophy, which involves using one practically grueling work set to balls out, absolute failure (in stark contrast to Arnold’s high-volume approach). Just as controversially, Mentzer was blasphemous enough to say, out loud even, that you don’t need as much protein as the fitness industry would have you think.

But does Mentzer’s advice hold weight? BarBend writer Jake Dickson dives into the debate and explains why you shouldn’t follow all of Mentzer’s advice, no matter what your favorite influencer might tell you.


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Training Tips

It’s Crunch Time

Credit: Skydive Erick / Shutterstock

Watching someone do a cable crunch, you may wonder if they got lost on the way to the yoga studio or if they are in the midst of some strange religious rite you have never heard about. The cable crunch is neither of these things, but it will give you a near-religious abdominal pump to get you on track for the upcoming beach season.

Parking yourself near a cable machine usually means looking in the mirror while doing triceps pushdowns, but if you slide yourself down to both knees, you can give your core muscles a good old-fashioned whooping. 

We’re diving into the mechanics of this oh-so-important abs exercise and teaching you all about the proper form, helpful variations, and the sets/reps you should aim for. 

Everything Else

Unofficial Record, Officially Impressive

Credit: @karlos_nasar_ on Instagram

  • In preparation for the upcoming Olympic games, Bulgarian weightlifter Karlos Nasar hit an unofficial world record in the clean & jerk at a recent multi-sport event held in Germany. If he can repeat his feat at the Olympics in Paris this summer, he will notch a place in the history books. Watch the lift here.

  • Changing from a carnivore-style diet to one full of carbohydrates has helped 21-year-old Tristyn Lee put on nearly 40 pounds. This article includes his full macro breakdown and daily eating habits.

  • Elite raw powerlifting just keeps getting heavier and heavier. Zahir Khudayarov is looking to become only the fourth man ever to squat 500kg, and according to the results of his latest video, he’s not far off.