🏋️‍♂️ master this glute exercise to build your butt

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Here's everything happening in today's edition:

  • All about glute kickbacks

  • The best foods for pre-workout energy

  • Amanda Lawrence preps for Sheffield

Exercise Tips

Kick It Old School 

Credit: BarBend

If you like big butts (and if, ultimately, you cannot lie), then direct glute training is a necessary and valuable complement to your heavy compound lifts (squats, etc.). And learning the glute kickback is just the way to light a bonfire in your bum.

While not as arduous a process as learning proper squat form, learning the glute kickback in a step-by-step manner allows you to actually target the muscles the right way instead of flailing your legs wildly in some kind of modern dance technique. And we’ve got the full rundown in the article below.

Once you've mastered the basic premise, you can experiment with variations like donkey kicks and the ever-mysterious adductor/abductor machine. It's time to put the max in gluteus maximus.

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Energy Power Plants

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Powering your workout with an assortment of fast-acting carbs prior to training can be a game changer. If you've ever downed a banana or shotgunned a smoothie before you headed out to your gym, you might notice a distinct uptick in energy. That also goes for your life outside the gym. Getting the right combination of macronutrients after your workout will help you feel better and recover faster to get you ready for your next day of training, which is probably what you really care about. 

If you've been slacking when it comes to your nutrition, read all about how your food choices can help you feel more energetic all day long.


Toppling Records

Credit: @miss.amanda.ann / Instagram

The 2024 Sheffield Powerlifting Championships is shaping up to be one of the heaviest contests in history. First, Jesus Olivares was breaking records in training on the men's side, and now Amanda Lawrence (84kg) is crushing it on the women's side.

Already the world record holder for the raw squat, she topped that mark by almost 25 pounds during a recent training session and is looking to cash in big by repeating the feat when it counts for real. Sheffield will play host to some of the strongest people in the world on February 10, and Lawrence is on a mission to prove that she belongs at the very top of that list.

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Everything Else

Haley Adams Returns

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