🏋️ 5 Neglected muscles you need to train


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Here’s what we’re serving up today:

  • Why the single-leg deadlift is the best pulling exercise you’re not doing

  • Five overlooked muscles you need to train more often

  • And finally, we’ve got some easy, high-protein meals for busy nights

Exercise Tutorial

Boost Your Pulling Power

Image: Maridav / Shutterstock

The single-leg deadlift is the dark horse of deadlift variations. Can you pull ultra-heavy weights with it like you would during a rack pull? Not exactly. Is it easy to learn and perform like the trap bar deadlift? No way. Does the single-leg deadlift have some unique advantages that you simply can’t get by standing on your own two feet? Actually, yes.

Single-leg training is all the rage in the weight room — you’ve probably done a one-legged squat on a recent leg day yourself. Unilateral pulls don’t get as much time to shine, but they’re just as potent for building strength, improving your coordination, and adding muscle to your backside.

Intrigued yet? Then find out everything you need to know about the single-leg deadlift and reap the benefits for yourself.

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Training Tips

Don’t Forget These Muscles

Athlete performs a lat pulldown with his back to the camera.

Image: SOK Studio / Shutterstock

Everyone knows the main “food groups” when it comes to the muscles you train at the gym. Your biceps. Your triceps. Your pecs. Your quads. You get the idea. But what about those more overlooked or even neglected muscles? Yes, ladies and gentlemen, as disheartening as it might be, you also have to eat your “Brussels sprouts” in the gym.

But as you grimace at the thought, we can help clean your plate and let you know which muscles you might be looking past.

For one, when was the last time you thought about your neck? Or your hip adductors? Learn which other muscles you need to focus on below.


High-Protein Grub

GIF: Giphy

Let’s see if we have this right.

You probably have a taxing 9-to-5. Maybe you’re getting your kids ready for school before that, running errands all over the place, taking people to practice later, and making dinner after the fact. Somewhere, somehow — because you’re a fitness wizard or witch — you fit a workout in. Good for you!

Ah, but there’s one problem: Because you have no time, you can’t exactly cook that nutritious meal you were hoping could take full advantage of your gym dedication. Bummer.

We can make your life easier. Today, we’re diagramming five simple meals that are still packed with protein for those busier evenings in your life. You took the time to go to the gym. Now enjoy your kitchen bounty.

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