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Here’s what’s going on in this edition:

  • Does the “calories in, calories out” method really work for weight loss?

  • Jeff Nippard on Sam Sulek’s workouts

  • The best exercises for a strong lower back



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In a March 1 episode of his “What The Fitness” on YouTube, Dr. Layne Norton addressed Dr. Jason Fung’s stance on the calories in, calories out (CICO) method for weight loss. Fung is a doctor of nephrology and one of the leading advocates behind intermittent fasting.

Dr. Fung downplays the counting approach to dieting by leveraging data from several human randomized controlled trials. Meanwhile, Dr. Norton counters that even with an intermittent fasting approach, the body primarily loses weight due to a calorie deficit. Fung also points to hormones as a more important factor in people’s struggles with losing weight and downplays the importance of exercise in helping.

Should you ditch your calorie-tracking apps, or are you on the right track for your body composition goals? Learn more about the science of weight loss below.

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Rags to Riches

Credit: Jeff Nippard

Sam Sulek is something of a disruptor in the world of beefy dudes posting exercise videos on social media. Known for his zeal and intensity, some people find his training and diet to be sub-optimal. Such a man is Jeff Nippard. Known for his science-y approach to training, Nippard recently posted a video critiquing Sulek’s training from a pragmatic point of view.

Spoiler alert: Nippard rates Sulek’s training style, programming, and attention to detail on the lower end of his grading curve, but he praises the young influencer for his effort and joy in lifting.

Sulek is probably more jacked than most people watching his videos, which begs the question of what is more important: science or passion.

Training Tips

8 Ways to Strengthen Your Lower Back

Credit: Home and Gym / Giphy

If you don't take care of your lower back, it'll take care of you. And we don't mean that in a pleasant way. A strong lower back is the foundation of a happy and healthy day-to-day life. If you're neglecting it, you're putting yourself at risk of some real discomfort.

That's why we broke down eight different lower back exercises that'll help bring strength and stability to this vital part of the body. Once you're through with some good mornings or Jefferson curls, your back will resemble more of a tree trunk than you think.

Everything Else

Get Ripped

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