🏋️‍♀️ tips to burn fat after 40

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Here’s what we have for you today:

  • Effective, no-BS training for fat loss after 40.

  • Killer kettlebell workouts for strong glutes.

  • Advice for buying a treadmill from Costco.

Exercise Tips

Life Begins at 40

Credit: @NationalWWIMuseum / Giphy

Wisening up in your middle age doesn’t mean your middle needs to widen with age. Nothing worth doing in the gym is ever easy, and as you age, it might seem like it gets even less easy. But even when you are over 40, your goals are still very attainable. They just require more focus than in your bygone days of extreme youth when putting vegetables on pizza was considered a diet food.

You already know sticking to the basics like eating right, training hard, and getting enough rest are the bread and butter of weight loss training (although literal bread and butter may not be on the menu these days). After 40, however, some special considerations may need to be applied to your training if you want to scrape more fat off your sculpted, mature physique.

Stop beating your head against the wall training like you’re still in college. Heed the advice below to create and sustain that lean body you’ve worked so hard for.

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Bell-Curved Glutes

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After expanding beyond its origins as one of the premier fitness implements of the Soviet Union, the kettlebell is now a fixture in gyms around the globe. And while they can be used in any situation requiring dead weight, kettlebells really excel as a means of building the glutes.

Combining explosive swings and compound movements targeting the posterior chain, kettlebell workouts can burn you in the butt worse than a bad tip from a bookie. Another great thing? No matter how strong you are, it won’t take a heavy weight to get your buns cooking in the oven.

Grab any available kettlebell and follow along with these short, impactful, badonkadonk-focused workouts.

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Exercise Equipment

Costco Gains

Credit: Cris Canton / Shutterstock

In between the aisle of oversized mayonnaise jars and eight-pound coffee canisters, and around the corner from the $1.50 hot dogs, you may be excused if you feel somewhat perplexed by an uncommon item seen in your local Costco: a treadmill.

You may be tired already from walking around Costco and think you will never need to move again after venturing all the way to the rear for pallets of diet soda. If, however, your fitness enthusiasm stretches farther than the act of sidling through discount merchandise, you may be tempted to investigate these treadmills further.

Are they actually worth the money? And what level of fitness do these machines cater to? Instead of asking an employee to come over on a forklift so you can examine all the specs of each model, check out our in-depth guide on buying a treadmill from Costco.

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Everything Else

Science of Teardrops

Credit: biolayne / YouTube

  • Dr. Layne Norton weighs in on the efficacy of different leg extension modalities, angles, and machines for quadriceps hypertrophy. (And he’s got more than enough European research science to back him up.)

  • While he’s usually concerned with smashing deadlift world records or wearing armor in Westeros, former World’s Strongest Man Hafthor Björnsson took some time out of his massive-bodied schedule to work on a posing routine with the help of physique competitor Ryan Terry.

  • Wrist wraps are an important piece of supportive gear used by every kind of athlete and weekend warrior who uses a barbell. Check out this guide to find the right wraps you need to keep heavy weight in your hands.