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Here’s what we’re serving up today:

  • What you should eat before bed if you want to build muscle.

  • A list of bodyweight exercises for gains and mobility.

  • Action movie star Chris Hemsworth’s blockbuster upper-body workout.


Bulk Before Bed

Image: AtlasStudio on Shutterstock

We probably don’t have to explain that your diet matters just as much as your workout routine. The famous saying “you are what you eat” may as well have come from a regular gym-goer. But you might not be considering what you’re eating before bed. And if that’s the case, you’re potentially leaving a lot of progress that could happen overnight — when you’re snug under the covers — on the table.

Today, we’re breaking down some of the best things you can eat before bed to improve your health and training. The usual suspects like eggs and avocados make appearances but don’t be surprised when we start telling you about the magic of nutritious seeds.

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Exercise Tips

No Equipment Necessary

Woman performs body weight squat under a setting sun

Image: andreonegin on Shutterstock

By now, you’ve probably established a routine around your favorite equipment at the gym. You love the rhythm you’ve established with your personal favorite dumbbells and barbells. If someone were to suggest a different kind of fitness — one that only involved your body weight — you might gasp at the thought … right?

Well, about that.

In the interest of offering you convenience and a seamlessly great workout, we’ve got a list of 16 bodyweight exercises that can seriously boost your overall fitness. You’ll probably already be familiar with some, like push-ups and squats, while others (burpees, bear crawls) might throw you for a loop.

Rest assured: We covered all the bases.

Celebrity Fitness

If You Be Worthy…

GIF: @marvelstudios on Giphy

Actor Chris Hemsworth is hard to miss whenever he’s on the silver screen. Not only does he typically star in some of the biggest action movies around, but his blockbuster physique is among the best in the biz. It’s why he can play everything from a Norse god to a special forces soldier in convincing (read: jacked) fashion.

And now he’s sharing some of his trade secrets with the rest of us.

Last week, Hemsworth posted a killer upper-body workout to his Instagram page. He professed that it attacks one’s back, chest, triceps … well, everything, really. Hemsworth’s fine example is one to follow if you’re looking to reach new heights.

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Everything Else

Best of the Best

Image: @e.murray_pro.strongwoman on Instagram

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  • Reigning World’s Strongest Man Mitchell Hooper explained how blood-flow restriction can benefit your training.

  • Here are some of the best exercise mats for yoga, interval training, and more.

Sound Off!

Big-Screen Muscle

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The Results Are In

The Barefoot Deadlift Debate

In the July 24, 2023, edition of The BarBend Newsletter, we asked if you’ve ever deadlifted barefoot. Here’s how you voted:

  1. Never tried it (45.96%)

  2. All the time (26.40%)

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