🏋️‍♂️ try this punishing 9-move shoulder workout

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Here’s what we’ve got for you today:

  • Tricks for wider shoulders

  • A preview of the 2024 Sheffield Powerlifting Championships

  • Partner exercises for squad goals

Exercise Tips

Boulder Builders

Credit: Will Tennyson / YouTube

Listen to the muscle adverts from the 1950s and stop getting sand kicked in your face. And the best way to avoid a blond-haired bully from embarrassing you in front of your hep cat friends is to take a lesson from fitness personality Will Tennyson and get wide.

As Tennyson shows, directly training your shoulders with plenty of volume is necessary to give you that “3-D” look of stapling cannonballs to your collarbone. With the help of Tennyson’s punishing workout of choice — along with a smorgasbord of assorted tips — you’ll be walking through doors sideways in no time.

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The World Descends on Sheffield

Credit: @mega.gojira / Instagram

The 2024 Sheffield Powerlifting Championships (brought to you by the IPF) is setting the standard as the premier event for men and women to break all-time world records.

With Jesus Olivares chasing down more records on the men’s side and the likes of Amanda Lawrence looking to further distance herself from her 84kg competitors on the women’s side, this may be one of the heaviest contests ever put on display. The whole shebang begins on February 10 with a live stream available for your viewing pleasure. Check out the details and plan to tune in.

Exercise Tips

Two Is Better Than One

Credit: kallemalle912 / YouTube

If you are getting tired of your solo workouts, pass some literature around to your group of friends and see who wants to join in on these 12 partner exercises.

Just like Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers needed each other to spin and twirl around the dance floor, you too can tap into the magic of being a duo. Moves like the wheelbarrow walk and alternating medicine ball throws are dependent on having another human working out with you. While others, like the alternating dumbbell snatch + lateral box jump over, are simply more fun to do alongside someone else. Harness the power and codependency and find out why two can be better than one in and out of the gym.

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Everything Else

Hack Your Legs

Credit: Hugo_ph10 / Shutterstock

  • Less deadly but more painful than her sister, the guillotine, Madame L’Hack-Machine is a major player in the world of leg hypertrophy. Not getting down with the hack squat? Learn your lesson now.

  • Add to le resistance (as it pertains to the dip movement) with this new dip belt from GymReaper. It’s best not to fear the reaper; more weight means more progress on this primal lift.

  • Mitchell Hooper’s much-vaunted opinion on Tom Havliand’s chances at winning the title of World’s Strongest Man offers no good way to work in a reference to the French Revolution, but it may lead to a new king being crowned.