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Here’s what we’ve got on your Valentine’s day:

  • Try to keep up with Ronnie Coleman’s back workout

  • Jesus Olivares breaks records in Sheffield

  • Not to be outdone, Amanda Lawrence also broke records in Sheffield


Build an Olympia-Worthy Back

Credit: Giphy

Ronnie Coleman is one of the most revered bodybuilders of all time, and a big reason for his success was the enormity and thickness of his back. And if you’re up to the task, you can train just like Ronnie with our look at “The King’s” epic back training routine from his prime. 

Coleman’s back program may look simple on paper, but that is probably just because you’re not next to him while he’s chucking enormous weight around the famed Metroflex gym. Considered one of the strongest bodybuilders to ever live, Coleman liked to perform his routine with heavy weights; be aware of your limitations and select your resistance accordingly. You may never have the biggest back in Olympia history, but that doesn’t mean you can’t train like it.

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Where Records Go to Die

Credit: Powerlifting World / YouTube

Jesus Olivares may not have been able to successfully defend his title at the 2024 Sheffield Championships, but as a consolation, he was able to break the all-time IPF squat record by sitting down and standing up with 478 kilograms (1,053 pounds) on his back.

The IPF classic squat record of 477.5kg previously stood since 2017, but Olivares made the mark a focal point of his meet preparation — and he pulled it off masterfully. After his third squat attempt went up, the rest of the meet didn’t go quite as planned for Olivares, and he missed out on taking the top overall place for the men. This took nothing away from his accomplishment on the squat, though, and you can check in and see his lifts below.


Where Records Go to Die Harder

Credit: @miss.amanda.ann / Instagram

Amanda Lawrence came into the Sheffield Championships as Wonder Woman to Jesus Olivares’ Batman. Already an IPF world record holder, Lawrence entered the meet looking for more and was able to score new world records on the squat and total in the 84kg division.

Lawrence set the world record with a squat of 249.5 kilograms (550.1 pounds) on her second attempt and narrowly missed re-setting it on her third. She was able to put together a 647kg total to set that world record but ultimately placed 11th within the scoring system used at Sheffield. See all of Lawrence’s lifts and be sure to bookmark the new world record.

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Everything Else

The Full Sheffield Rundown

Credit: Powerlifting World / YouTube

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