🏋️‍♂️ The WORST chest exercises you should ditch


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Here's what's going on today:

  • The ongoing battle between strength and hypertrophy

  • Jeff Nippard's favorite chest exercises

  • 30-minute HIIT workouts to get your sweat on

Exercise Tips

Sophie's Choice

Credit: BarBend

The two great pillars of the resistance training world are hypertrophy and strength. Much like choosing your path early in the game of Life, these two (eventual) divergent goals shape your training philosophy. BarBend senior writer Jake Dickson breaks down the intricacies of training for each.

Strength training usually boils down to powerlifting, weightlifting, or Strongman lifts, depending on which Hogwarts School of Strength house you enroll in. By contrast, hypertrophy training is more diverse and will involve a larger array of exercises and equipment types than strength training. (Though there’s going to be some overlap.)

You can benefit from both kinds of training, but you need to avoid getting mixed up in the process.

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Top Tier

Credit: Jeff Nippard / YouTube

Jeff Nippard is known for his critical eye for hypertrophy training. He hates wasting time in the gym and wants to use science and experience to grow muscles as efficiently as possible. It is unsurprising, then, that he has compiled a list of the best (and worst) exercises for one of the most prized muscle groups among lifters: the chest.

Ranking staples like dips and the barbell bench press in the A tier will warm the hearts of many who would be loathe to give them up. But other moves, like the dumbbell pullover and the hex press, weren't so lucky, landing in the dreaded F tier.

Chest training can be all about changing angles and loads, so spice up your pecs with some of the top lifts here.


HIIT It Hard

Credit: MilanMarkovic78

On one hand, HIIT workouts are the darling of the fitness world for their brevity, convenience, and effectiveness. On the other hand, they are very hard. And the five 30-minute HIIT workouts we rounded up below offer both the benefits and the pain that come with actually executing them. If you can stick it out, the benefits of HIIT are legion.

There's something for everyone here. If you don't have access to even the most basic fitness equipment, there are bodyweight workouts to tear you up. But if you have some barbells or resistance bands on hand, we have options for those, too. Pack more than one shirt so you have something dry to change into when you're done.

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