🏋️ 5 ways vitamin D helps strength athletes

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Here’s what’s on deck today:

  • The best rear delt exercises for serious shoulder growth.

  • All the ways vitamin D can help strength athletes.

  • Why you should love to hate high-intensity interval training.


Delta Force

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For anyone in the market for bigger, stronger shoulders, you need a balanced program of both pushing and pulling exercises. Your posterior deltoids — or rear delts — are located on the backs of your shoulders and are crucial for driving pulling motions and supporting pushing ones.

Building your rear delts gives your shoulders that well-rounded, 360-degree pop, not to mention they help you lift heavier in compound pulling movements like pull-ups and rows. And if you spend a lot of time hunched over your computer or phone, well-developed rear delts can work wonders for your posture.

The best rear delt exercises target the backs of your shoulders in isolation, and you’ll continue rounding them out in conjunction with other muscles in compound exercises. From bodyweight movements to cables, dumbbells, and barbells, choose your fighter and let’s start pulling.


Sunny D

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If the sun is shining where you are, you can get a free supplement just by heading outside. Although the sun is a direct source of vitamin D, most people don’t get enough of it — even if you include vitamin D-rich foods in your diet.

The benefits of vitamin D range from improving bone density to promoting stronger immune systems. For strength athletes, vitamin D has been shown to potentially help build muscle, improve athletic performance, reduce inflammation, and prevent and heal injuries.

Your walk to the gym to grab some extra sunlight may not provide enough vitamin D to boost your gains. Let’s dive into the science of why it may be worth adding an extra vitamin D supplement to your stack.

Training Tips

Embrace the HIIT

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If you love lifting but the idea of cardio makes your heart thump with nerves instead of excitement, high-intensity interval training (HIIT) might be just what you need to bridge the gap.

HIIT workouts use short intervals of intense work to help you up the ante of your training without dragging the process out. You’ll work as hard as you can — usually with a full-body, explosive movement like a burpee, box jump, or heavy kettlebell swings — for a short interval. Then, you’ll rest and do it over again until your session is done.

These kinds of intense workouts are designed to elicit your max effort, so make sure you’re fueled up and ready to go. Expect to sweat a lot and get a whole lot stronger along the way.

BarBend Picks

Take the Plunge

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This model also features a Plug-and-Plunge design that uses an added water hookup for an easier time setting up and filling the tub. The Pro model cools quickly, too, at around 10 degrees per hour.

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Bar Exam

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