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Here’s what’s going on in this edition:

  • The pros and cons of different types of protein.

  • Free weights vs. resistance bands.

  • Benefits of doing the deficit deadlift.


Do You Know the Whey?

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Protein supplements may be the most widely used dietary aid among people who lift weights, but have you ever stopped to consider the kind of protein you need to be using for optimal effect?

The discrepancies between the myriad types of whey protein can get confusing. Is whey isolate superior to whey concentrate? And what does hydrolysate even mean in the context of whey? You can even venture outside the world of whey into entirely new kinds of vegetarian or egg-based powders.

Know the science behind all of your options, and become a more informed connoisseur of protein powders.

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Adjust Your Workouts for the Better

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  • Compact: Instead of filling an entire basement or garage with racks upon racks of free weights, the Pro 100 EXP is a single piece of equipment that does the job of up to 30 dumbbells.

  • Durable: The Pro 100 EXP dumbbells are built tough enough to get you through your most intense workout routines, thanks to their sturdy urethane-coated steel construction. This isn’t the typical gym equipment you’ll have to replace after a few months of use — these dumbbells will be with you for the long haul.

  • Simple: Fortunately, this new technology doesn’t require much (if any) practice to get your head around it. They’re as straightforward as traditional dumbbells, and switching between weights can be done in the time it takes to exhale after a great set.

  • Versatile: The weight range and compact design help the Pro 100 EXP cater to gymgoers of all experience levels and training styles, from powerlifting to circuit training. This makes it ideal for families to share amongst themselves.

If you want to read more about how the PowerBlock Pro 100 EXP adds versatility and value to your home workout routines, head here.


Resistance Isn’t Futile

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The term resistance training refers to all possible means of creating tension between your body and a foreign body (for bodyweight exercises, the foreign body could be your body).

Usually, gravity supplies the force against which you must work, but with exercise bands, the elasticity of the equipment creates an ever greater challenge the more you elongate it. Adding a band onto a movement that already requires force to be applied against gravity (like a squat) creates a new kind of dual stimulus.

There are many benefits and drawbacks between the tension a band provides and the load a free weight supplies. If you’re trying to figure out which methods are best for your needs, we have your answers below.

Workout Tips

A Deficit in Your Training

Credit: Flamingo Images / Shutterstock

What’s the one thing that could make a Neanderthalic movement like the deadlift even more gut-busting? If you answered “increase the range of motion,” you win the prize of remaining the dominant hominid on this planet.

The deficit deadlift does just that, forcing your body to stay tight for a longer period of time by lifting from a slightly elevated surface. You get to experience the muscles of your back bulging and straining like never before, while also giving your quads the attention they need.

And that’s only the beginning of how the deficit deadlift can benefit your training program. Grab a bumper plate or some mats and get ready to feel some new kinds of discomfort you didn’t even know were possible.

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Everything Else

The Iceman Leaveth

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